Winnipeg needs Uber argues new petition

Winnipeg needs Uber argues new petition

Uber has stirred up controversy around Canada, but some cities remain free of the ride-sharing company. However, while the taxi industry in Winnipeg is likely pleased that Uber has not made its presence felt, consumers may feel differently.

Consumers have often been on the side of Uber, the company presents a choice alternative to taxis and is affordable. While many municipalities have tried to make Uber regulations to match those in place for the taxi industry, one Winnipeg resident wants the government to revamp the local taxi industry with Uber-like regulations.


Jay Hall, administrator of the Facebook page “The Winnipeg” said that he always sees “more and more stories and people posting about negative experiences with Taxi cabs.”

To drive this point home, Hall has started a petition to try and get ride-sharing companies like Uber to company to Manitoba. More specifically, he says “get Uber or Uber-like regulations for Manitoba’s Taxis”. The petition is aimed at Premier Brian Pallister and Mayor Brian Bowman.

Hall argues that the additions of ridesharing companies bring a level of safety that is needed in the taxi industry within Winnipeg.

“We’re hearing a lot of negative experiences… some pretty horrific stories,” he said.

One person who signed said she is “sick of being put in frightening situations by cab drivers”.

“The fact that money doesn’t change hands—it’s all done through the app—means you can’t have a cabbie telling you he wants $20 more, or taking advantage of inebriated people after a night out,” he said. “You can rate your driver, rate your customer, that keeps people honest… and by having the app as well, especially if you’re a female… you can share your route with family and friends.

“Those features alone are well worth the change that would drastically reduce the number of negative incidents.”

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