Uber’s False Fare Charges could Mean Database Breach

Uber’s False Fare Charges could Mean Database Breach

Numerous Uber customers have complained that they have been charged for trips that they never took. One such case was a Toronto woman who was charged for a fare taken in Poland. While the company can clear these mistakes easily, security experts are now calling for the company to launch a formal investigation.

There is, of course, a real possibility that Uber’s databases have been breached. Uber itself has warned that these occurrences could be because of phishing scams, but a report from CBC News says security experts believe the company needs to make sure its own databases are clear of attack first.

Many of the false trips cost about $10 to $100, but some have gone up to as much as $1000. Customers are urged to contact Uber immediately in such instances, but some customers are finding that the company does not believe their stories. However, the company has refunded all customers who have been subjected to this problem.

The ride-sharing giant issued the following statement to CBC News:

“When we detect fraud, including these instances caused by reused passwords or phishing, we work with consumers to quickly secure their accounts and refund unauthorized charges. We recommend riders use unique passwords for their accounts and contact our support team if they believe their accounts have been compromised,” the statement said.

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