Uber Working with Quebec for Regulatory Solutions

Uber Working with Quebec for Regulatory Solutions

Uber has shown that it is willing to work with Quebec to find a regulatory solution that would let the company operate legally in the province. The ride-sharing company’s head of Quebec operations has offered some possible concessions that the company is willing to make to become legal in the province.
Jean-Nicolas Guillemette was speaking at a legislative hearing at the Quebec National Assembly when he said the company would work with the province. The hearing was to discuss Bill 100, which was drawn by the province to accommodate Uber and other ride-hailing companies. The bill would mandate Uber to abide by the same laws and regulations as traditional taxi drivers, something the company seems unwilling to do.

Indeed, the company has said in no uncertain terms that if Bill 100 is passed then it will be forced to end its operations in Quebec. Uber has provided a counter proposal of regulations that reads as:

Ride-hailing companies such as Uber buy a $100,000 operating permit each year.

pay a set tax of 35 cents per trip.

ride-hailing companies would also pay a tax of seven cents per ride to Quebec’s automobile insurance program

begin paying both GST and PST after the first dollar of every ride and provide the government with income summary for every driver every three months.

The company says that its proposals would result in Quebec making more than $3 million per year theough taxes, while Guillemette said the company and government can find a solution and even said it would suspend operations in the interim.

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