Uber should be regulated like taxis think Londoners

Uber should be regulated like taxis think Londoners

While Uber has played political chess with governments and gone to war with the taxi industry, the company has always been well supported by the majority of consumers. The company has been operating illegally and without regulations, but customers have still flocked to the UberX service and stood up for it.

However, in London, Ontario, consumers are in favor of taking a tough regulatory stance on Uber, with a new survey suggesting most want the company to be regulated equally to taxi companies.

Uber’s slow and ongoing regulatory approval across Canada has mostly seen governments accept that the company is different to normal taxi providers, something the US firm has long argued. Only Quebec made an exception and said Uber would have to be subject to the same rules as taxi companies, and it seems consumers in London think that is a good idea.

An Ipsos poll commission by the city found 64 per cent of those asked want ride-sharing companies to have the same bylaws and regulations as taxis. This is not a lone result either as a national Angus Reid Poll in February yielded almost identical results.

City staff in London are providing feedback on Uber as the city begins the path to finding regulatory stipulations for the company in a view to making UberX legal. One of the chief demands is one that has been seen in other Canadian municipalities and states that Uber must cease operations until regulations are created.

In almost every instance, Uber has refused such a request, so it is unlikely London will be an exception. That means the city will have to continue clamping down on Uber drivers, with 58 charges laid against 33 driver so far. Uber represents all its drivers in the courts when they are charged.

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