Uber seeking return to Calgary

Uber does indeed seem to be attempting to find a way to re-enter the Calgary market. The US-based ride-sharing giant left the city earlier in the year when it did not agree with the council’s regulations to adopt Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) alongside the taxi industry.

Since then the company has continued to negotiate with other municipalities and provinces and is now legal in Edmonton, Alberta, and is close in Ontario. Just what displeased Uber about Calgary’s bylaw is unclear. The company was already absent after pulling out last November due to an injunction. The city regulations were similar to other Canadian municipalities where Uber has been able to negotiate, so it is unclear what the sticking point is.
Still, the company is still in the process of renegotiating and is not ruling out a return to the city.

“At this time, our focus remains on working with the City of Calgary and the mayor’s office to revisit ride-sharing regulations and bring our services back to the city for the benefit of riders and drivers,” Jean-Christophe de Le Rue, a spokesman for Uber Canada, said.

Last week the company made two job listings in Calgary, on the new Expert and one for the Greenlight Location in the city. At the time Uber denied these positions mean it was looking to come back to Calgary, but that does actually seem to be the eventual goal.

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