Uber seeking city expert for Waterloo expansion

Uber seeking city expert for Waterloo expansion

Uber is about to be made fully legal in Waterloo and in other Ontarian municipalities, and to help spur growth the company is seeking a new city operations expert for the southwestern Ontario region. The position will involve travel in Waterloo and other cities like London, Hamilton, Windsor, and Niagara. Some of those cities have yet to decide whether to adopt Uber.

Susie Heath, spokesperson for Uber Canada, said the position is full-time and will coincide with the company preparing to meet Waterloo bylaw regulations.

“We have been working with officials to come into compliance with Waterloo Region’s new bylaw,” Heath said. “Uber commends Waterloo regional council and staff for joining other Canadian jurisdictions like Niagara Region, Toronto, Ottawa and Edmonton in adopting a progressive regulatory framework that embraces ridesharing.

“The new ridesharing rules are good for riders, good for drivers, and foster better transportation options in Waterloo Region.”

The city operations expert will develop Uber’s Greenlight Locations, which help drivers in the area. Uber will become legal in Waterloo from Dec. 1, if the company decided to agree with the rules and drivers adhere to them.

Under the new bylaw, taxis and ride-sharing companies will be able to operate side by side if drivers have vehicle safety standards, insurance, and background checks.

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