Uber Searching for Courier Riders in Toronto

Uber Searching for Courier Riders in Toronto

Ride-sharing giant Uber has already shaken the taxi industry in Toronto with its unregulated service, but now the company has set its target on another industry. Apparently Uber is now looking for bike couriers to set up its own courier and delivery system.
Reports from downtown Toronto suggest Uber is leaving notices on bikes parked in racks in the entertainment district, advertising the UberEats delivery service. The flyers request bike riders to sign up to the service as couriers, leading with “Want to get fit and earn money?”

UberEats offers food delivery and other courier services and interested parties can sign up for the service through Uber’s official website. Susie Heath, the company’s Canadian spokesperson saying the way in which operatives deliver goods varies depending on the location. For example, in some cities riders use motorized scooters, while in others they use bicycles.

“As the business continues to grow, we have been looking at new ways to meet demand. That includes determining interest from bicycle couriers in partnering with UberEats, just as many other delivery services do in Toronto.”

Unlike the ride-sharing industry where it is the dominant leader, Uber faces stiff competition in Toronto in the delivery business. The city is already home to new services such as Just Eat, Favour and Foodora, and Feast. This is clearly a growing and competitive sector in Canada’s largest city, so Uber will be coming in as a green newcomer.

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