Uber returning to Calgary in December

Uber returning to Calgary in December

Uber will be up and running again in Calgary during early December, the company has announced. This comes two days after the City of Calgary opted to relax its vehicle for hire bylaw to allow the US ride-sharing company to be reintroduced.

The favorable vote was expected from most parties, and Uber had previously said it could be up and running again within a few days. Indeed, the company hinted that it would need just two days after the vote as its drivers are already waiting. However, the company now says it will need a few weeks, without putting a firm date on its return.

In the vote, the City of Calgary voted 11-4 in favor of changing the licensing fee structure that was originally introduced in April. Uber says it is “pleased” with the amendment to the bylaw, which allows the company to resume operations in Calgary, albeit this time legally.

A spokesman for Uber said the company was “pleased” by the move, which will allow more flexibility for its drivers.

“As we’ve said, these changes will allow us to offer service to riders and drivers by early December and we’ll be sharing our exact launch date with Calgarians soon,” Jean-Christophe de Le Rue said to CBC News.

An early December relaunch will mean Uber is up and running in the city before the start of the busy and lucrative Christmas season.

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