Uber remains silent on Greyball tracking software

Uber remains silent on Greyball tracking software


Uber is remaining coy on whether it uses it mysterious Greyball technology in Canada. The secret software allows the company to track local authorities, thus giving drivers the means to avoid them.

The ride-sharing giant still operates illegally in many municipalities in Canada and beyond. In these regions, authorities are still trying to clamp down on Uber and punish drivers. An easy way to do this is to simply hail an Uber car pretending to be a customer. Greyball is a tracking tool that lets Uber know when authorities are trying to do this.

Uber has publicly confirmed that it uses the technology in numerous cities, such as Paris and Boston. However, the won’t confirm whether Greyball is operational in Canada.

“The City of Toronto was successful in undertaking enforcement prior to Uber being licensed,” said Tracey Cook, executive director of municipal licensing and standards for the City of Toronto.

Uber has declined to comment.

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