Uber Quebec GM says drivers will leave company

Uber Quebec GM says drivers will leave company

Uber has agreed to enter a controversial pilot program in Quebec to operate in the province legally. The taxi industry says this is unfair and gives Uber an easy route into the market. However, the company says that the provinces complicated regulations will mean it loses drivers in Quebec.

That’s the assessment of Jean-Nicolas Guillemette, Uber Canada’s general manager. He says the law states Uber drivers must get a class 4C license, which is difficult, especially when some drivers only want to work limited hours per week.

“It’s certain that the class 4C permit creates a serious barrier to getting into the business,” he said.

Drivers who were working with Uber unregulated have until Dec. 9 to get the required driving permit, but new drivers to the service need to have the license in place before they work for Uber. Guillemette argues that many drivers will simply opt to stop working for the company.

The pilot program states that Uber is required to pay 97 cents per ride the first 50,000 hours their drivers work every week. That rises to $1.17 a ride for the next 50,000 hours and $1.33 a ride for anything above 100,000 hours.

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