Uber proposes special permit for Quebec drivers

Uber proposes special permit for Quebec drivers

The wrangling between Quebec and Uber is continuing with the company returning with yet another proposal it hopes will appease the government. The US-based ride-sharing giant is seeking a compromise over Bill 100, which stipulates that Uber and other companies like it must be regulated in the same manner as a traditional taxi driver.
While Uber has either agreed with a cities regulations or left a market entirely in the past, Quebec’s situation is unique as the company keeps offering counter-proposals. It seems that Uber really does not want to leave the province.

The latest offering to the government is the creation of special ride-sharing permits that its drivers would have to carry to work for Uber. Bill 100 proposes that Uber drivers would need costly taxi licenses, but Uber’s proposal would push for a distinct individual permit.

“It’s a license, but one that isn’t linked to the T plates of the taxi industry,” said Jean-Nicolas Guillemette, general manager of Uber Quebec.

“So we take off the T plates and we allow people to use their own cars on the road.”

Quebec Transportation Minister Jacques Daoust has been talking recently like someone who holds all the cards, rejecting Uber’s previous proposals out of hand. He said the company was welcome to return to the table, but he concluded that the company could only do so if it accepts taxi-like regulations. The rejected proposition from last week was a pilot program.

“We’ll be back and we’ll work on the entire document to re-submit to the government in hopes of having the full collaboration from the minister as time is running out,” Guillemette said.

However, Uber also reiterated that if a common ground cannot be found then it will indeed cease operations in Quebec. The government is hoping to push Bill 100 through on June 10, so time is running out for Uber to find a solution.

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