Uber Now Legal in Ottawa

Canada’s capital city is now a safe haven for Uber. The ride-sharing giant is now legally able to operate in Ottawa under the city’s new regulations for licensed private transportation companies. Uber has been operating illegally as a rouge company for nearly two years as Ottawa was one of the first Canadian markets the US-based company expanded into.

Earlier this year, the City of Ottawa passed its new “vehicle-for-hire-regulations” and became the first place in Ontario to successfully adopt such laws. However, the bylaw change was controversial, especially with the traditional taxi industry, a pattern that has been repeated around the nation.

The regulations were scheduled to come into effect Sept. 30 and now Uber can operate in the city. During the interim period through the summer, the company was helped by the launch of an insurance policy from Intact Insurance, which was accepted by the province or Ontario.

Unlike in other cities where it is still waiting, Uber has already obtained a license to operate in the city, so now the path is completely clear for the company to continue operations, only this time legally. Under its license, the company is allowed to have 1,528 vehicles, a number that would substantially add to Ottawa’s taxi population.

At the moment, there are 2,538 licensed cabbies in the city.

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