Uber not returning to Calgary despite job listing

Uber not returning to Calgary despite job listing

Uber left Calgary earlier this year when the company disagreed with the city’s new regulation bylaw to adopt ride-sharing companies. Now the US based tech firm is hunting for employees in the city, spurring rumors that it is readying to re-enter the Calgary market.

However, Uber has squashed those rumors by saying it does not have plans to get back into Calgary. The company has posted two jobs in the city, an operations manager and Uber expert for the Western headquarters team. Speaking to Metro, Uber says that the positions do not signal a return to Calgary for the company:

“The Western Canada team is based in Calgary; that’s why we are looking for an additional employee,” wrote spokesperson Jean Christophe de Le Rue. “As for Calgary, while we would like to be back serving Calgarians, we remain in discussion with the city in the hope that we could eventually resume our operations.”

The applicants chosen for the positions will join Uber’s Calgary operations located in Green Light. The division helps drivers in Western Canada get their papers in order before operating with the company.

Uber has expressed interest in coming back to Calgary, but negotiations with the government have been complicated. The company still opposes some parts of the new Transportation Network Company regulations, and the government is unlikely to change them.

Drivers are still under a court injunction and if Uber ever wants to return to Calgary it will have to apply to have the injunction lifted.

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