Uber needs more drivers in Calgary

Uber needs more drivers in Calgary

Since returning to Calgary on Dec. 6, Uber has been met with overwhelming demand from customers. So much so that the company says it needs more drivers to help manage demand it describes as “through the roof”.

The ride hailing company has come through its regulatory battle with Calgary, with the city finally easing bylaws to allow the company to operate. Customers clearly wanted options beyond cabs and are flooding to Uber since its reintroduction. The company is now actively seeking and trying to lure more drivers.

Uber has not said how many drivers it needs, but it already employs a large number:

“We’re well into the hundreds,” said  Ramit Kar, the general manager for Uber Western Canada.

Of course, in the hundreds could mean 101 or it could mean 999. Kar was not willing to put an exact figure on how many drivers Uber currently has in Calgary:

“We don’t necessarily give that information right up front, but we’re trying to grow that day on day,” he said.

It is safe to assume that the company at least has the same number of drivers it had before it left the city earlier in the year. When it launched in Calgary, Uber said it had 500 drivers. Since returning, demand has been so high that many customers have bemoaned the fact they can’t get a ride.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi said he is glad a system is in place that allows Uber to thrive:

“We clearly wanted to make sure that we had a regulatory system that met the needs of Calgarians, as well as met the needs of market entrance, and I’m very happy that we know have such a system in place,” he said.

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