Uber mapping in Windsor

Uber’s mapping efforts around Canada are continuing with the city of Windsor the latest to be mapped. The company says it is in the city to improve its customer experience.

Windsor is part of Uber’s extensive mapping plan. The ride-sharing company has deployed hundreds of customized mapping vehicles throughout North America, with Canada getting a lot of those cars. While the company says this does not mean a mapped area will necessary become a market in which it operates.

Instead, Uber points out that mapping areas means it can improve the customer experience by making distance and time prediction better. The company can also improve fare costs and help drivers understand routes within a city more easily.

The mapping vehicles were in Windows at the end of October, according to Uber representatives. The mapping initiative has been rolling out in Canada since the summer, following its launch in the United States during 2015.

“We’re investing in the Windsor area because it is a quickly growing market in Canada,” Susie Heath said. “The need for high-quality and accurate maps underlying the Uber experience has become even more important.”

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