Uber mapping in Brantford

While Uber is not currently operating in Brantford, the situation may be changing. A mapping vehicle from the ride-sharing giant has been spotted in the city, although Uber is keeping quiet on whether it plans to expand into Brantford.

“In terms of expansion to Brantford, I don’t have anything to share at this point in time but I will be sure to keep you posted,” Susie Heath, senior communications associate with Uber Canada, told The Expositor.

Heath pointed out that Uber has been mapping Canadian cities since the summer and that this is part of that program. She admits that southwestern Ontario is of interest to the company because of the potential of the market. Heath says mapping areas has “become even more important”.

“Mapping is core to the Uber experience,” Heath said. “It’s how we create the best possible experience for riders and drivers.”

Uber uses mapping vehicles to detail routes without towns and cities. This allows the company to operate more efficiently, calculate fared, and estimate how long journeys will take. There is guarantee that a mapped location will directly have the Uber service, the company may be mapping for fares from other locations.

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