Uber loses appeal against Quebec tax agency

Uber loses appeal against Quebec tax agency


Uber Canada has lost its appeal to prevent Revenu Quebec from perusing documents seized in a raid against the company. The appeal was the ride-hailing company’s last course of action to stop the results of a raid conducted in its Montreal offices two years ago.

The case went before the Supreme Court of Canada on Thursday, but the judge dismissed Uber’s case, followed an earlier decision by the Quebec Superior Court, and decided in favour of the tax agency.

The May 2015 raids resulted in Revenu Quebec obtaining important documents as it searched multiple Uber locations in May 2015. The body had been looking for evidence of tax evasion, but has been unable to review the documents it seized. The latest decision ends Uber’s legal options, so the tax agency can now read the documents.

“We recognize the decision of the Supreme Court today and continue to collaborate with Revenu Québec, as we have since entering into an agreement [with the province] last September,” said Uber Québec’s spokesman, Jean-Christophe de Le Rue, in a statement.

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