Uber Launches Emergency Number for Passengers

Uber Launches Emergency Number for Passengers

Uber EdmontonForgetting a personal item in a normal cab is a disaster, simply because most passengers do not take account of the company, let alone the individual number of the taxi. In other words the item is lost. With Uber it is a little easier to recover lost possessions as customers can see which driver took them on a journey through the app.

However, it is easier said than done, so the company is making it a bit easier with the introduction of an emergency number.

The phone line has been unveiled by the company without much fanfare, and in fact finding it on the Uber website is a bit of a challenge, but it is there. This is not an emergency number in a traditional sense (911), so users should not use it in a situation where there is a genuine problem that requires aid from emergency services, such as a collision.

Instead the number helps passengers deal with minor problems, such as leaving a personal item in a vehicles. For Canadian customers, the service is not available yet as Uber is testing it in 22 cities in the United States and will expand it to other countries if it proves successful.

While taxi drivers would probably disagree, Uber has changed the way in which consumers consider getting from point A to point B in cities. The company uses a smartphone application to connect pre-paying passengers with freelance drivers in the area. Uber’s expansion in Canada has been invasive, and not everything has been plain sailing.

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