Uber Driver Hit by Stray Bullet in Toronto

Uber Driver Hit by Stray Bullet in Toronto

Uber-logoToronto police say they are investigating a shooting on an Uber driver, who was struck by a stray bullet while driving in the city on Sunday night. The driver was struck while driving in the Trinity Bellwoods area of the city without a passenger, police say; it is not thought the shooting had anything to do with Uber’s problems in the Great Toronto Area.

The US based ride-sharing company has come under-fire in Toronto for operating without regulation and auto insurance in the city. The council has agreed to a pathway to legalizing the company, a move that is disappointed taxi unions, who have often been ferocious in their opposition of the company.

However, police say the Uber driver in this incident was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time, driving along Dundas Street when a fight broke out outside a bar. A stray bullet hit the driver, with police saying injuries to the arm a minor.

We reached out to Uber to find out the insurance implications for this situation. The driver was likely driving without sufficient commercial auto insurance and it is unclear whether Uber will cover any hospital and rehabilitation bills.

Authorities are asking any witnesses to give investigators a call at 416-808-1400.

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