Uber appealing to London youth

Uber’s position in London is still up in the proverbial air. The Ontario city is still deciding whether to adopt ride-sharing companies by amending its regulation bylaws to allow Transport Network Companies work alongside the traditional taxi drivers.

As London decide, Uber definitely wants in. However, as the company has shown in other Canadian cities, if it does not like the regulations it will leave. To avoid that scenario, Uber usually goes on a charm offensive to try and win over the city and get the council to make at least manageable regulations. It has worked in most municipalities, but famously not in Calgary.

In London, Uber’s charm offensive is starting to take shape. The company is meeting with the youth of the city. An official working for the company visited the London Youth Advisory Council on Monday, seeking the approval of the organization.

However, the city council appears to be undecided and the vote could actually go either way. If the council votes not to regulate Uber, the company will be run out of town, so to speak.

“I would say there is a lot of support, but some still have reservations,” Kayley MacGregor, council director for the youth advisory council, said Friday of Uber.

“I would say support is not unanimous. We may not make a decision.”

McGregor points out that Uber’s Chris Schafer has already sought the approval of the youth council and a recommendation in a previous meeting.

“He asked for a letter of support, which we did not give. There were a lot of questions about how it would work,” she said.

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