Uber allows customers to see fare price before journey in Alberta

Uber allows customers to see fare price before journey in Alberta

Uber has been back in Calgary for three weeks and the company is seeking ways to make the ride-sharing experience better for its thousands of customers. For example, the US-based technology firm has introduced a new feature that helps customers understand the cost of their fare.

The ride-sharing service returned to the city on Dec. 6, once again allowing customers to connect with freelance drivers via an app. However, over the interim weeks, Uber has only allows users to see an estimate of how much a journey will cost. The customer would only learn the exact fare once the trip was finished.

Uber has decided to change that model and make the fare system clearer. The company has rolled out a new feature for Calgary that shows the actual fare price before the trip. This ability has been launch by Uber Alberta and is also available in Edmonton, the company said.

A customer can now enter the destination as they normally would and see the exact price of the journey. The company points out this feature has been in other markets since earlier in the year, and that it is a valuable resource for customers:

“When you book a plane ticket, you know the price upfront. You’re not given an estimate and then told the price has changed when you arrive if the flight took longer than expected because of congestion at the airport,” said Uber Canada spokesman Jean-Christophe de Le Rue in a prepared statement.

The app now calculates the cost of a fare by gauging local traffic, the distance and time the journey should take, and how much access there is to a vehicle at the time.

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