Uber accused of remotely shutting down data during Quebec raid

Uber accused of remotely shutting down data during Quebec raid

A former security office for Uber has turned whistleblower and describes startling information about the company. Samuel Spangenberg says the company remotely erased data when Revenu Québec raided the company’s Montreal offices last year.

Spangenberg was a forensic investigator for the ride hailing giant and says he was part of the team tasked with erasing the data. He worked at the company’s head office in San Francisco for much of 2015.

The accusation was presented in a sworn statement in October. Spangenberg is currently undergoing legal proceedings against Uber over wrongful dismissal through the Superior Court of California. He described the May 2015 raid by Revenu Quebec, saying data was erased remotely from computers in the office. This was carried out as the raid started.  Québec’s raid on Uber’s Montreal offices in May 2015.

Spangenberg alleges that Uber would always shut down data if there was a police or government raid in action. He says it was standard practice to “lock down the office and immediately cut all connectivity so that law enforcement could not access Uber’s information.”

“I would then be tasked with purchasing all new equipment for the office within the day, which I did when Uber’s Montreal office was raided,” Spangenberg said.

He said Uber “routinely deleted files which were subject to litigation holds,” a practice which he said he objected to.

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