Uber accused of price surging in violation of Quebec pilot program

Uber accused of price surging in violation of Quebec pilot program


The Parti Québécois is urging the transport minister in Quebec to be strict about Uber’s price surging tactics during this week’s storm. The party says the surge was in violation of the one-year pilot program the ride share company is conducting in agreement with the government.

In the pilot agreement, the terms of the deal points out that a “force majeure” such as natural events are not a reason for Uber to initiate price surging. During this week’s store, the company increased its prices above 1.5 times the normal fare.

Martine Ouellet, PQ MNA for the riding of Vachon, says Quebec Transport Minister Laurent Lessard to come down hard on Uber and put sanctions upon the company. Ouellet oversees the party’s taxi file, and says not punishing the company will show the pilot-program agreement can be breached with no consequences.

Uber Canada spokesperson Jean-Christophe de le Rue says the company was monitoring weather conditions and when the climate became worse the prices were capped. He said the company capped the fees at 1.5 times above the usual price.

“From the information we had, until noon there was still a surge at four times the normal price,” Ouellet said.

“It was only after a call from the government at noon that they decided to change it.”

A 12:07 p.m. Uber Quebec tweeted that the cap was in effect.

“Of course they will always argue,” Ouellet said.

“But we are asking for good faith and that’s not what we’ve seen since [Uber] launched here.”

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