Quebec Government Needs to Step Up to Stop Uber Say Cabbies

Quebec Government Needs to Step Up to Stop Uber Say Cabbies

Taxi drivers in Quebec are increasing their fight against ride-sharing company Uber and are even threatening to withhold their earnings and income tax. The act would be in protest to the province for not clamping down on Uber’s service by the end of the current National Assembly session. Uber drivers for the most part are not paying tax in Quebec or across Canada.
Cabbies say they are frustrated by the lack of action by Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard and his government, who have struggled to deal with Uber’s expansion. Dominique Roy, president of Montreal’s Diamond Taxi company said on Monday that the industry is seeking harsher punishments against Uber drivers who are operating unregulated and illegally in Quebec without sufficient auto insurance.

Speaking to CBC News, Roy said “We’ve been waiting two years.”

Taxi protests have been frequent and have been criticized for that, but unions admit they feel left aside by local municipalities who seems to be favoring Uber in proposed regulations. Cabbies said in March that they would seek harsher tactics in stopping Uber, but so far taxi drivers have not done anything to disrupt Uber’s operations.

Roy said that the industry will not hurt customers and is instead targeting government in an attempt to stop Uber’s expansion. He says the company is withholding $10 million per month in earnings.

“Uber has long been criticized for shielding its exact earnings and using tax havens to store its money, which in terms of the company’s international divisions means money goes to the Netherlands. This is not uncommon amongst technology companies and Uber insists it pays “all necessary” taxes within Canada.”

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