No Fredericton plans for Uber

While Fredericton is currently experiencing a cab controversy, there are now plans for Uber to launch in the News Brunswick capital city.

Uber has expanded throughout Canada and has been adopted as a legal company in numerous municipalities around the country. However, it is easy to forget that the ride-sharing giant is still not available in a number of important locations, including Fredericton.

The New Brunswick city is in the midst of a controversy where cab drivers are refusing to pick up Northside residents. Numerous customers have reported being denied service, while others say drivers have been rude to them. None of these people have broken any of the four rules whereby a driver can deny service.

In response to the situation, Andrew Trevors (@AndrewPaleoGuy) sent a tweet to Uber Canada showing the original story and saying to Uber, “We need you”.

Never a company to miss a publicity opportunity, Uber Canada jumped on the issue. The company’s Canada spokesman Jean-Christophe de La Rue tweeted back, but it was not necessarily good news. He said Fredericton residents will have to wait a little longer for the ride-sharing service.

“While we don’t have specific launch plans for Fredericton at the moment, I can tell you that Uber aims to expand to communities across Canada and we’re always looking at what’s next,” de Le Rue wrote in an email.

“It isn’t that I’m against taxi service, I’ve had a lot more good experiences in taxis than bad,” wrote Trevors.

“However I think this recent issue with cabs not going outside the downtown core is just one of many, and there seems to be little accountability.”

“I just really like the platform and I think there is room for municipalities to negotiate with Uber in a way that is satisfactory to both sides,” he said.

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