Mississauga Seeking Uber Suspension

Mississauga Seeking Uber Suspension

A week after Ontarian city Mississauga said that it would seek to find a bylaw to accommodate Uber, the council is now saying ride-sharing companies should suspend operations in the city until a review of such providers operating legally can be completed.

The council held a general committee meeting this week and said transportation network companies (TNCs), such as Uber, should suspend operations under a motion that was passed by the committee. Mississauga says it is working to make amendments to the Public Vehicle Licensing Bylaw, to help accommodate TNC companies.

The city says under the current system, the motion means law enforcement is instructed to enforce the current bylaw and charge any drivers caught working for Uber. The Public Vehicle Advisory Committee (PVAC), is conducting the review of the bylaw and the council had urged the organization to hold an open meeting for its recommendations.

The city previously said it would hope to find an “equality regulation” that would aim to make the bylaw fair for both Uber drivers and traditional taxi operatives. A potential stumbling block with Uber could arise as Mississauga is modelling its new bylaw off a similar one in Calgary that was rejected by Uber, forcing the U.S. company to pull out from the city.

The law would mean Uber drivers required to get the same police checks and training as traditional taxi operatives, while they would also have to prove fluency in English and submit to a vehicle inspection every six months.

The motion for all TNC providers to suspend operations in the city will be put before the council on March 9 before getting final approval.

“We need a safe and fair system where everyone operates under the law,” said Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie said in the press release. “We are taking the time and doing the work to ensure we have a level playing field.”

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