Manitoba Taxicab Board Recommends Uber Regulations

Manitoba Taxicab Board Recommends Uber Regulations


The Manitoba Taxicab Board is taking a proactive approach to the possibility of Uber being adopted in the province. At a meeting in January, the board suggested that drivers who work for ride-sharing companies should be registered under the executive car class.

Uber adoption around Canada is ramping up, but the company’s expansion has been anything but cordial. Taxi groups around the country have fought Uber every step of the way and are largely in disagreement over current provincial regulations.

While there are no certainties that Manitoba will adopt the Taxicab Board’s suggestion, it shows the group is willing to work with the government to find the best solution. Uber is probably going to be legalized anyway, so finding a way all parties can be happy is critical.

If the company was adopted as a cab company, the Board says this would create and unfair “two-tier” system in Manitoba, especially Winnipeg.

“They are already licensed and they don’t have meters, they have a variable rate they can charge, so we already have the model in the City of Winnipeg,” he said in an interview Monday.

“That makes your car an executive car, my car an executive car.”

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman said in his annual state of the city address last week that he would welcome Uber into the city. He also said that he would work with the Taxicab Board to ensure a smooth process.

“We look forward to bringing Uber to the province soon so that Manitobans can benefit from another safe, reliable way to get around their communities and flexible income earning opportunity.”

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