London’s Uber decision could take 3 months or more

London’s Uber decision could take 3 months or more

London, Ontario will takes its time before reaching a decision on the future of Uber and ride-sharing companies. The city council says it will be at least three months before it decides whether to reform regulations to allow ride-sharing companies to join the city legally. That eventuality would mean making changes to taxi-industry bylaws to accommodate the likes of Uber.

Several councilors have already voiced concerns. Some believe that introducing ride-sharing companies is starting a price war that will hard the traditional taxi industry. Others are not happy about the idea of categorizing Uber in the same bill as taxi drivers. Incidentally, the US based company has often said it is not a taxi service and shouldn’t be regulated like one.

However, cabbies would want the strictest and fairest possible regulations for Uber, which would mean equal bylaws for all.

Uber has been operating in London illegally since arriving in the city last year. The city is still in no rush to solve issue, not least because the subject divides the council and is unlikely to be cleared before the meeting later in the year.

A solution is likely to be found in the next three months though and London will decide Uber’s fate. Of course, Uber has pulled out of other markets because it has disagreed with regulations, so even if London chooses to adopt the company, it may leave regardless.

For its part, Uber is staying quiet in London. That is a contrast to other municipalities in Canada where the company has been vocal in its approval or disapproval of proposed regulations.

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