Google moves into Uber’s territory

Google moves into Uber’s territory

Uber is the juggernaut of the ride-sharing industry. In just a few short years the company has swept around the globe with its service that provides customers with freelance drivers through an app. Valued at $40 billion, Uber is a force to be reckoned with. However, there are bigger sharks in the sea and one of them could just have put Uber on the menu.

Google, one of the biggest companies in the world and actually an investor in Uber, is moving onto the turf of the ride-sharing giant. The company has rolled out its new carpooling service that is a competitor to Uber. Customers can request rides to and from work using the Waze navigation app that Google bought in 2013 for over $1.3 billion.

Called Waze Rider, the service is currently only available in the San Francisco Bay Area. It should be noted the service is different to Uber in that it just hooks passengers up with rides heading in their directions, while drivers are limited to just two fares per day.

However, it is Google starting to show ambition in a market Uber would prefer to have all to itself. Needless to say, if Google decides to put its weight behind ride-sharing, Uber’s position as the top dog would be in doubt. Certainly the company would have a major contender to deal with.

Let’s not forget that Google is also a manufacturer of autonomous vehicles, an avenue Uber is exploring. If Google moves full scaled into ride-sharing, it would be ahead of Uber in terms of autonomous development and would be able to use its own tech (Uber uses third parties) to conduct fares.

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