Canada Take Note: South Africa Implements Meter license for Uber

Canada Take Note: South Africa Implements Meter license for Uber

UberAs Canada struggles to find ways to adopt Uber through amending regulations, the country could look to others around the world to source ways in which to allow Uber to operate legally. South Africa could be the latest nation in the international community to serve as inspiration for Canada, with a fresh approach for making sure Uber drivers are in check.

The South African government has approved a bill that will see Uber drivers forced to carry meter licenses, which are also used by the traditional taxi industry. Making Uber operatives have the same license (and presumably the same license cost) is viewed as a way to appease traditional taxi drivers who see Uber has providing unfair competition.

Under the new South Africa bill, law enforcement is entitled to impound Uber vehicles if the driver cannot product a meter license.

“The regulation comes in the wake of protests by metered taxi operators concerned about Uber’s operations, including that it is not licensed,” stated a report from the Sunday Times in the UK.

Canadian cities have already confirmed that this kind of license will be required if Uber is ever to be made legal. Edmonton drafted a similar law into its package that made the company legal in the city, included alongside legitimate insurance coverage and vehicle inspections.

While Uber has disagreed with various bylaws drafted to accommodate its service, it did agree to the Edmonton bylaw, although was reportedly worried about the license part of the “deal”. As it stands, Uber is unable to enter the Edmonton market because of auto insurance complications, but when it does become legal in the city, its drivers will have class 4 taxi licenses.

Traditional taxi drivers have oft criticized Uber drivers because they have an easy passage into offering consumer based ride services. They are not subject to the high costs of a class 4 license, but that is clearly something the will change. The cost of a class 4 permit varies through Canada’s provinces, but now Uber drivers will share that cost with taxi operatives.

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