Calgary will have Uber by Holidays

Calgary will have Uber by Holidays

One city councilor believes Uber will be adopted in Calgary and will be operating in the city by time the Holiday Season arrives. Evan Woolley says the city’s current bylaw for ride-sharing companies is broken and has been a failure. A decision to revise it could allow Uber to re-enter the market in time for the busiest period of the year.

“The model as presented and approved by last council needed some tweaks, and so I am very heartened by the fact that we have reflected on the fact that it hasn’t worked to date, and that we are making some tweaks to the system so that companies like Uber can enter the system,” Coun. Evan Woolley told CBC News Monday.

Calgary adopted laws to allow ride-sharing companies to operate in the city earlier this year. However, Uber rejected the bylaw and pulled out of the city entirely. This week, the transport committee will debate whether to add an alternative solution to the bylaw that would make it easier for Uber to accept.

Taxi drivers have reacted angrily to the matter, saying that other ride-sharing companies have accepted the previous laws so they should not be changed just to accommodate Uber.

“We are trying to provide a safe and efficient service for Calgarians. At the same time we need cost recovery,” he said.

The existing fee structure charges the company $1,753 per year, plus an additional $220 per driver.

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