Calgary Mayor Apologizes for Uber Controversy

Calgary Mayor Apologizes for Uber Controversy

Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi apologized on Monday in the wake of a report published by the city’s Integrity Commissioner after a recent issue where the major made disparaging remarks while taking a Lyft journey in Boston.

The official made a disparaging remark about Uber CEO Travis Kalanick while taking a ride in rival company Lyft during a trip to Boston.

Nenshi was critical of Uber’s background checks for drivers while described CEO Kalanick with a coarse word that has caused controversy. The mayor was in Boston to give a talk at MIT when he used Lyft while unaware the driver was livestreaming the conversation to Periscope.

The integrity commissioner’s report has concluded that Nenshi was “indulging in some extravagant hyperbole” when he spoke about sending sex offenders to test Uber’s background check system.

“Given the context in which the Mayor understood he was speaking, in private to disinterested third parties, he could not have had any purposefully deceitful or malevolent intent,” the report read.

“The mayor has said that his Boston statements resulted from a conflating of facts and a poor choice of words. I find that to be a barely plausible explanation given the simplicity of the words used and their stark dissonance with what was said afterwards to be true,” wrote Sulatycky.

On Monday, Nenshi said he’s thought about the incident since it occurred.

“Here’s the bottom line: I made a mistake and I’ve learned an important lesson. Whether or not I thought the conversation was private, I shouldn’t have said what I did. Calgarians and my colleagues at The City deserve better than that,” the mayor said in the apology, which was delivered in council and also posted to his website.

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