Bill 100 treading political divide in Quebec

Bill 100 treading political divide in Quebec

Bill 100 is Quebec’s answer to the conundrum of regulating Uber and keeping taxi unions happy. It stipulates that Uber drivers must carry full taxi licenses, among other criteria that the US based ride-sharing company has said would mean it leaves Quebec.
So, on June 10 (the mooted date for the Bill 100 vote) Quebec will know by the close of the session that Uber is either leaving the province or that it will be regulated. If passed, the company has said it will definitely leave, and some politicians in Quebec are trying to avoid that scenario from happening.

The truth is, Uber is an economic goldmine for any local government, so there are some who would amend Bill 100 to be more accommodating to ride-sharing companies. Opposition party Coalition Avenir Quebec has said it is opposed to Bill 100, arguing that it is too narrow and will ultimately hurt consumers by removing choice should Uber leave.

A 1000 strong taxi protest targeting this weekend’s Montreal Formula 1 Grand Prix is targeting much of its frustration at the CAQ. Bill 100 represents a dream set of regulations for taxi drivers as it would either result in Uber leaving the province or operating on an equal footing.

Under Bill 100, anyone offering taxi transportation services without holding a permit would face fines of $2,500 to $25,000. The company could be fined up to $50,000.

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