B.C. delivers regulations for Uber adoption

B.C. delivers regulations for Uber adoption

British Columbia has finally opened the door on ride-sharing adoption, setting in motion a path that could see Uber come to the province. B.C. is one of the last major Uber holdouts in North America, with Vancouver being the largest North American city without the service.

The province has successfully fended off Uber’s advancements, that have led to the company arriving illegally in other Canadian regions. Now B.C. has finally announced its plans to allow ride-sharing companies to operate. Like other provinces, such an expansion will entirely depend on whether the companies comply with new regulations.

Authorities have long promised a regulation solution that would be unique to British Columbia. The province would do something that no other could, it was claimed, make the traditional taxi industry feel they have been treated fairly.

Transportation Minister Todd Stone says authorities have consulted extensively with taxi representatives and drivers for the “made in B.C.” regulations.

“The proposed changes reflect what we’ve heard from stakeholders, such as the need to address the public’s desire for choice, convenience and competition (and) the need to protect passenger and driver safety,” he said.

Uber released a short statement in which it said British Columbians want and need access to more safe, affordable, reliable transportation.

“Today’s announcement is a step forward by the provincial government and we’re encouraging all parties in British Columbia to commit to bringing forward progressive regulations that embrace ride-sharing in 2017,” it said.

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