Calgary’s Uber vote moved back three weeks

Calgary’s Uber vote moved back three weeks

A vote to decide whether to change the ride-sharing bylaw in Calgary has been put back until the end of the month. The three week delay means the vote will now occur on Monday, November 28. The decision comes after a Livery Transport Advisory Committee two weeks ago, which debated the possible reintroduction of Uber.

That heated LTAC debate resulted in all agreeing that something must be done to help the taxi industry in Calgary. A recommendation to halt any vote on amending the ride-sharing bylaw was issued, and has been quickly shot down by the government. LTAC says this delay would give it a chance to compete, but authorities state the industry has had plenty of time already.

The new vote is controversial. Calgary already has a ride-sharing bylaw in place. Uber disagreed with the regulations and left the market, but could come back if concessions are made. The taxi industry argues that such concessions should not be offered considering other sharing companies have complied with the bylaw as it is.

In other words, cabbies say Uber should accept the laws as they are or not return. The council is not playing the situation so black and white and is seemingly willing to open doors to allow Uber to come back to the city.

“It means it’s frustratingly slower, in terms of it coming forward for council to make a decision,” said Coun. Evan Woolley, noting the decision is three weeks delayed. “This has been something that’s taken us much too long to get here.”

“More than 100,000 registered Uber riders and drivers in Calgary want to see their city embrace change,” said Uber Canada spokesman Jean-Christophe de Le Rue. “We hope City Council will hear their call and vote to support propose bylaw changes at the earliest possible date.”

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