Windsor Details Uber Regulation Plans

Windsor Details Uber Regulation Plans

Windsor is the latest Canadian municipality to focus on how to adopt or remove Uber and other similar ride-sharing companies. The city is currently drafting up what its potential regulations would be. Until now, Uber has been operating unregulated and illegally in Windsor, but restrictions are coming.

A report from city staff gives an outline of how Windsor would adopt and police ride-sharing companies, it has now been sent to the transportation committee.

“At the end of the day we have to realize that companies like Uber have come into our city, they are here, that’s reality,” said Craig Robertson, the city’s licensing director. “If we’re going to be licensing we have to have the steps in place to provide protection and keep regulations in place.”

The report was written by Taxi Research Partners and cost the city $27.950.

As with other regulations around Canada, Uber would have to make concessions and adhere to several rules in order to work in Windsor. Mirroring other laws around the country, this would include vehicle inspections, proof of legitimate auto insurance, driver record checks, and a system for customers to make complaints.

The regulations would also make a clear distinction between Uber and the traditional taxi services. This has been achieved in other municipalities by ensuring Uber can only collect pre-determined fares through an app and cannot take hailed rides.

Part of the challenge of adopting Uber is finding a way to introduce the service and maintaining a balanced economy for the traditional taxi industry. Windsor’s suggestion is to review the fee structure of current cab services, remove the minimum charge, and potentially make licenses easier to attain.

The report will not be tabled for 30 days before two public committee meetings. After this public process, it will go to the city council to be approved or rejected.

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