Uber updates Canada Community Guidelines

Uber updates Canada Community Guidelines


Uber Canada has announced new guidelines for both passengers and drivers who operate within the country. The ride-sharing giant has also explained how customers can improve their star rating.

“Most riders show drivers the respect they deserve. But some don’t. Some people leave trash in the car, throw up in the back seat after too much to drink, or ask drivers to break the speed limit so they can get to work on time,” stated the company in a press statement.

The community guidelines have been update and suggest riders and drivers respect each other to get a smoother service and better ratings. “Remember that when you use Uber you will meet people who may look different or think differently from you. Please respect those differences.”

Personal space is also important under the new guidelines, and Uber users should not ask about someone’s appearance or their relationship status.

“Don’t touch or flirt with other people in the car. As a reminder, Uber has a no-sex rule. That’s no sexual conduct between drivers and riders, no matter what.”

There are also numerous safety obligations that drivers and passengers must meet, including that children should be accompanied by an adult.

Ratings are important for drivers and passengers, they help the former get more fares and the latter more likely to be picked up for a ride. To ensure the coveted five-star rating, Uber says passengers should pin their location accurately or add an address. The company also advises customers to be ready to get into the vehicle as soon as it arrives.

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