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Ridesharing Car Insurance is an authoritative website aimed at those searching for Uber and Lyft auto insurance coverage through Aviva Canada. We are insurance industry experts who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise regarding Uber and other ridesharing services such as Lyft, so we can also help you through the process of getting a policy.

Aviva rideshare insurance policy solves one of the biggest problems facing this nascent market, giving drivers all the tools to operate part-time for Uber and Lyft. The widely praised coverage is designed to give ridesharing operatives an easy and affordable solution to insure their vehicle when driving for Uber.

Aviva’s dynamic policy means that car owners can use their daily driver as a commercial vehicle for Uber and Lyft and not have to worry about not being covered. The policy is targeted at drivers who work 20 hours or under for a ridesharing service and costs just a “small portion” of a normal personal auto insurance policy.

Uber has only been operating in Canada for little over a year, yet the company has enjoyed expansion that is almost unprecedented. With such explosive growth ridesharing services have shook established industries and caught authorities and regulatory bodies off guard. However, the UberX service has become hugely popular in Canada, with more than 20,000 people driving for Uber in Toronto alone. Aviva Canada’s policy has paved the way for Uber drivers to be properly covered and Ridesharing Car Insurance is on hand to make the quoting and writing process easy.

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There is still plenty of misinformation and even apprehension regarding Uber in Toronto and beyond, and Ridesharing Car Insurance understands that consumers and potential Uber drivers are confused by the situation. That is why we bring you all the information and news you need regarding ridesharing services in Canada and detail the auto insurance options available.

Fill in our quick online quoting tool to have access to Uber and Lyft auto insurance quotes through Aviva Canada, while you can speak to our team to get the best advice and coverage for you.

Our experience in the car insurance industry means we are best placed to assess the state of UberX and Lyft in the Toronto market, and can give genuine knowledge-based news on the situation for Uber drivers in Ontario and around the country.